Each year, GCHEG hosts a mentor-mentee cohort to encourage discussion around: Career Goals (such as ACHE Fellow Advancement and Involvement), knowledge exchange, personal growth, and leadership development.

Many healthcare leaders become mentors to:

  • Give back to the field.
  • Further an emerging leader’s career development.
  • Gain exposure to a fresh perspective.
  • Learn about yourself


No matter your career stage, anyone can become a mentee. As a mentee, you have the ability to drive the effectiveness of your partnership by defining clear goals and expectations and regularly meeting with your mentor over the course of your six-month formal mentoring relationship. Many healthcare leaders seeks mentors to:

  • Build professional self-confidence.
  • Sharpen critical thinking skills.
  • Increase professional visibility and executive presence.
  • Clarify long-term career goals


To apply, please complete the form on our website here: