About Us

Welcome to the Greater Charlotte Healthcare Exectuives Group (GCHEG) Chapter!

The Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executives Group (GCHEG) serves the Charlotte, NC area and all other portions of Western North Carolina not designated under another Chapter agreement. GCHEG has been active since 1985 and currently has a roster of over 650 members.

GCHEG acts as a local resource to promote the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the importance of membership. GCHEG officers are ACHE members that speak to the benefits of membership/involvement at both local and national levels.

Literature about ACHE membership, cluster meetings, and other services are available at GCHEG events and on ACHE’s website www.ache.org.

GCHEG promotes advancement by working closely with the area Regent, the Regent’s Advisory Council, and College staff.

Notifying those who may qualify for advancement within ACHE, contacting those who have let their membership lapse, and encouraging the formation of local study groups aimed at FACHE advancement represent just a few of GCHEG’s ongoing chapter projects.


GCHEG will be the premier healthcare society dedicated to improving health care delivery by cultivating exceptional leaders.


The mission of our chapter is to advance health care leadership and management exellence through the promotion of the mission, vision, and values of the American College of Healthcare Executives.


GCHEG as we know it today was actually started in the early 1970's as an informal networking group for young administrators that met in local hospitals and had an annual dinner meeting.

The group was formalized as the Metrolina Young Administrators Group in Charlotte, NC in the early 1980's. As the group continued to grow with professionals from various aspects and healthcare backgrounds, the group was formally recognized as an ACHE Chapter. In the early 1990's the group's name evolved into the Metrolina Health Executive Forum (many members were no longer so "young").

No longer just an organization for healthcare exectuives, the organization continued to grow its membership to include physicians, practice mangers, insurance agents, recruitment firms, and suppliers with dinners and speakers as a mainstay of the group.

In 2003, The Greater Charlotte Healthcare Exectuives Group (GCHEG) was selected as the group's new name, encompassing the Charlotte-area and surrounding region as a group for healthcare professionals of all aspects (executives, nurses, physicians, insurance agents, students, etc.) to join!

Record member levels and a variety of monthly scheduled events now have GCHEG poised to become one of the premier ACHE affiliate chapters in the nation!  

To learn more about our chapter outside of our website- visit us on our social media sites of LinkedIn and Instagram!

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